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Raised in the System Season 6 Premiere

Actor Michael Kenneth Williams (HBO’s The Wire) goes in depth and explores mass incarceration and the juvenile justice system.

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Sam Vaughn recounts how a program offering radical interventions of love and support to the most violent young men has dramatically reduced the homicide rate in one of the most dangerous US cities.

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DeVone Boggan joins Melissa Harris-Perry to discuss the program in Richmond, California, that aims to reduce crime in the city by identifying individuals most likely to be involved in gun violence and connecting them to resources.

Get Paid Not to Kill?

Washington, D.C., now wants to pay criminals to not commit crimes. Dorothy Brazil, DC Watch President, and DeVone Boggan, Richmond City Councilman, discuss.

This California City Is Paying Youth Not To Be Violent

A program in Richmond, California, identifies young men who run the risk of being involved in violent crimes and then offers mentoring, workshops and even trips outside the city.

Press Release

Khaalid Muttaqi Joins Advance Peace as Chief Operating Officer

February 18, 2020

RICHMOND – Former head of the City of Sacramento California’s Office of Violence Prevention will help power Advance Peace’s core operational capacity and support expansion into new cities.

Advance Peace, the premier developmental and healing centered investment opportunity for those most likely to be victimized by cyclical and retaliatory gun violence in U.S. urban neighborhoods today announced that Khaalid Muttaqi an authority in violence prevention will join the organization on March 2, 2020 as Chief Operating Officer. Muttaqi was most recently Director of the City of Sacramento Office of Violence Prevention where he was responsible for advancing Sacramento’s violence prevention efforts and creating collective impact in providing solutions for gun violence prevention and intervention. Under Muttaqi’s leadership, in 2019 the city achieved a 20% reduction in gun violence citywide. Muttaqi is also credited with pioneering a multi-sector collaboration that resulted in more than 24 months where not one youth has been killed in the city – after suffering nine juvenile homicides in 2017.

At Advance Peace Muttaqi will work in partnership with CEO DeVone Boggan to ensure that AP achieves its strategic direction by strengthening staffing, structure, management systems and collaborative partnership outcomes. “Khaalid has a proven track record as a strategic talent and leader within government and the violence prevention/intervention community. He also brings a wealth of management experience to his new role. We plan to capitalize on this as he will lead the internal management and development of our local leaders, and create and maintain strategic integration of AP’s Peacemaker Fellowship® and technical assistance & training campaign to best support the organization in achieving its mission”, said DeVone Boggan, founder and CEO of Advance Peace. “He’s also joining an already successful, dynamic team at the perfect time to spearhead Advance Peace organizational development and core operating growth.” Muttaqi will also focus on helping to fuel the AP Peacemaker Fellowship® partnership opportunities with new cities at home and abroad.

“I am honored and excited to be a part of this noble effort,” said Muttaqi. “The validated reductions in gun violence in both Sacramento and Stockton provide solid evidence that Advance Peace is a game-changer in the movement to increase safety within disenfranchised neighborhoods”.

About Advance Peace
Advance Peace interrupts cyclical and retaliatory gun violence in U.S. urban neighborhoods by providing healing centered transformational opportunities to individuals involved in lethal firearm offenses and placing them in a high-touch, personalized fellowship – The Peacemaker Fellowship®. By working with and developmentally supporting a targeted group of individuals at the core of gun hostilities, Advance Peace bridges the gap between anti-violence programming and a hard-to-reach population at the center of violence in urban areas, thus breaking the cycle of gun hostilities and altering the trajectory of these individuals’ lives.

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