Peacemaker Fellowship®

Advance Peace interrupts gun violence in American urban neighborhoods by providing transformational opportunities to young men involved in lethal firearm offenses and placing them in a high-touch, personalized fellowship—the Peacemaker Fellowship®.

By working with and supporting a targeted group of individuals at the core of gun hostilities, Advance Peace bridges the gap between anti-violence programming and a hard-to-reach population at the center of violence in urban areas, thus breaking the cycle of gun hostilities and altering the trajectory of these men’s lives.

Advance Peace works with both public and community-based stakeholders to establish responsive community-driven strategies that achieve high-impact outcomes for those caught in the cycle of urban gun violence.

Our Impact

Advance Peace reduces gun violence, improves the general health and wellbeing of its Fellows, and increases public safety in the cities/neighborhoods where it is instituted. As a result of our efforts, Stockton, California, experienced a 40% reduction in firearm assaults causing injury or death in 2018.


40 Fellows were enrolled in 2018. Since becoming a Fellow:


are alive


have had no gun injuries or hospitalization


have not been suspected in firearm activity

Our Capabilities

In cities where the Peacemaker Fellowship® may not be a good fit, Advance Peace can provide expertise and guidance to local governments and communities to help them create developmental, trauma-responsive and informed, community-driven opportunities and resources for individuals associated with firearm offenses. Technical assistance may include strategic planning, program development, implementation support and evaluation, staff training, fundraising support, advocacy, and gun violence prevention and intervention system of care capacity building and coordination support.

Contact for technical support:  [email protected]

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
Nelson Mandela