Take Action

An America without urban gun violence is attainable, but it will require all of us to TAKE ACTION.  Here are some things you can do to work towards peace.


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Become More Informed

Learn more about urban gun violence, its costs, and its impacts on the lives and communities of those victimized by this unacceptable American experience. Advance Peace provides relevant and timely communications detailing the state of gun violence in urban America and effective efforts working to end this epidemic. Advance Peace also produces an Annual Report each fall that documents organizational efforts and achievements.

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Get Active

Host an event to end urban gun violence

Advance Peace will work with local stakeholders interested in hosting events for your church, school, club, community, or group. Contact us for assistance.

Volunteer with a local organization

Advance Peace is one of many organizations dedicated to improving urban life. Contribute your individual skills and passion directly to support the work of youth development, gun violence, or “gang” prevention organizations near you.

Get politically active

Write your legislators and encourage their support for developmental and public health approaches that effectively reduce urban gun violence. Question political candidates about how they plan to reduce gun violence in urban communities.

Any truly successful effort to achieve sustained reductions in urban gun violence will require a partnership with those at the center of its conflicts. They are a vital part of the solution equation for remedying this epidemic!

DeVone Boggan, Founder of Advance Peace

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
Nelson Mandela